Itinerary in Peru


We just passed more than one month in Peru, coming from Bolivia. Let me share with you the itinerary we followed, our feedback and tips.

– Peru is our 5th country visited in Latin America during our World tour.
– In more than 6 weeks we haven’t visited everything we wanted but we can’t wait to go to Colombia so we’ve skipped some places we’ll keep for an other trip: Cajamarca and Cumbemayo, and the jungle part (we’ve already been in Rurrenabaque, the bolivian jungle).
Canyon de Colca was closed when we were there, and we didn’t stay long on Titicaca lake as we already were in Copacabana.
– Prices of the hotels are for double rooms and we’ve negociated most of the prices, checking first the availability on Booking.


1 night

We’ve only been to Uros and it was VERY touristic but I guess you can find more authentic places (Taquile maybe?).

Hotel: Puno Backpacker (S/25)
Bus to Cusco (S/30)


11 nights + night bus to Arequipa

We passed 10 days there, but there is so many stuff to do and visit (we missed Zona X which looks interesting if you have time).

> How to visit the sacred valley and Machu Picchu by yourself

Hotel: Posada Azul (S/40)
Bus to Arequipa (S/85)


2 nights

Called the White city we haven’t found what is special about it. We missed the Canyon de Colca because there’s been an earthcake which broke the road.

Hotel: Peter’s home (S/40)
Bus to Nasca (S/50)


2 nights

We arrived late and did nothing the first day. 2nd day we did the plane tour and Chauchilla cementary.

Hotel: Brabant (S/44)
Bus to Ica: Oltursa (S/16)


1 night in Ica, 1 in Huacachina

To save money we passed one night in Ica and passed 2 days 1 night in Huacachina.

Hotel: Roma in Ica (S/37) and Desert Night in Huacachina (S/101)
Taxi to Ica (S/10) and bus to Pisco (S/10)


3 nights (2 are enough)

We visited the national parc renting a scooter (S/100) and enjoyed a quiet day on the beach the day after.

Hotel: Yacumama (S/50)
Taxi to Cruce Pisco (S/16) and bus to Lima: Movil (S/25)


3 nights


We’ve only been there for the week-end but there is a lot to visit, like pyramids!

> What to visit in Lima

Hotel: Lunay Mochica (S/40)
City Bus to Lurin (S/6) and colectivo to Pachacamac (S/2)


3 nights


There were strikes and roads were blocked so we waited there and visited the ruins.

> Visit the pyramids

Hotel: Sol Aire y energia (S/45)
Bus to Barranca from Lima: Movil (S/25)


2 nights + night bus to Huaraz

Not a nice city but you can find nearby Barranca the oldest ruins of the continent: Aspeto and Caral!

Hotel: Parco (S/35)
Bus to Huaraz: Movil (S/62)


6 nights + bus night to Trujillo

laguna 69

The paradise for hikes and nature lovers. We only passed 5 days there but you can take more time and do the Santa Cruz trekking (and many others). We also visited Chavin de Huántar nearby.

> Check the hikes around Huaraz

Hotel: Dream House (S/45)
Bus to Trujillo: Movil (S/62)


2 nights + night bus to Mancora

Nice surf city close to Trujillo where you can visit Chan Chan (Chimu civilisation) and Huaca de la Luna (Moche).

Hotel: Lola’s (S/50)
Bus to Mancora: Ittsa (S/105)


2 nights

Ending our trip by this hippie city, enjoying the beach before crossing to Ecuador.

Hotel: Wally’s House (S/85)

What we loved:

  • The surprising richness of the history and the culture.
  • The diversity of the landscapes.
  • The quality of food (especially the ceviche and the Pisco Sour).
  • The transports, very easy and organized.

What we didn’t like:

  • People who try to trick you with prices.
  • Children and animals used to get money.
  • The very early rhythm of life (we didn’t sleep a lot).
  • Machu Picchu became a tourist factory with too many rules, we prefered the sacred valley by ourselves!

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