Trekking in Tyrol


As we were staying in Alsace and looking for a last trip before going back to work, we chose the Tyrol (the Alps region of Austria)! We left with no plan, and walked a total of 70km trekking into those amazing landscapes in 9 days!

Day 1: Neuschwanstein castle

We stopped on the road to Austria in the german Bavaria region to take a look on this beautiful castle: Neuschwanstein. It’s the most visited castle of Germany, and has inspired Disney for the Sleeping Beauty movie.

– Parking: you can park the car (10€) and take a bus or walk to the view points.
– To visit it you must book a slot, and all the comments seems to be very negative, as you don’t have time to really enjoy the place.
– Around the castle I recommend you to visit the beautiful village of Füssen and enjoy one of their terrasses!

Day 2: Imst canyon and Plansee lake

Nice walk into the canyon nearby Imst.

We parked our car for free at Hochimst station, went down the canyon, crossed the city and get back from the forest.

It doesn’t took too long, so we went to Plansee, enjoyed a sandwich by the lake (6€ parking fee) and started to climb the hill to get to the view point. Sadly it started to rain so we aborted the mission!

Where to sleep:
Innside Adventure Cabins & Camping (70€ a double cabin with breakfast)

Day 3: Piburger lake and Stuibenfall

Nice and simple walk: we parked in Sautens (for free) and did a loop around the lake, with a beautiful view point and a nice walk by the river! We had lunch on the way (sandwish but you can also enjoy Oetz) and went to sleep in the mountain, at Niederthai, nearby the Stuiben huge waterfall!

Day 4: Hohemut and the glaciar of Rotmoosalm

Quite challenging walk: we parked our car (8€) in Gurgl where the lifts were closed, and walked to the glaciar!

It took all day, we had lunch around 4pm at Sölden (G’s Cafe) and ended in an hotel on our way to Innsbruck.

Where to sleep:
Edelweiss in Götzen double bedroom with a spa and swimming pool (94€ with breakfast)

Day 5: Innsbruck

After the long walk of Hohe Mut, we enjoyed a quiet day visiting the charming capital of Tyrol: Innsbruck.

We took the lifts to “the TOP of Innsbruck” (37€ per person with return + 7€50 the parking) and had lunch in the Seegrube restaurant with the amazing view on the valley!

To sleep:
Sportpension Christina in Fügen (97€ with breakfast)

Day 6: Olpererhütte

We chose a long walk around the dam wall of the Schlegeisspeicher lake, in the Zillertal valley. We paid the access fee (15€ per car) and parked our car in the first parking to start our walk to Friesenberghaus. There was still a bit of snow and the walk was quite complicated sometimes, but it really worth it!

To sleep:
Hotel Garni Obermair in Mayrhofen (80€ with breakfast, sauna and swimming pool)

Day 7: Break on Achensee Lake

Everything is in the title: a nice day to rest in the Achensee Camping Schwarzenau with a stop right on the lake, a nice grassy beach and a small restaurant. We paid 36€ the space for a small 2 persons tent.

Day 8: Nockspitze-Saile

For our last day we went back to Axamer Lizum (6€ parking) and climbed the Nockspitze! Beginning was ok, but the descent quite hard (lot of stones, tough slope).

Where to sleep:
We had lunch in the mountain (Bergoase Forellenhof restaurant) and slept in Oetz, Haus Gertraud (87€ with breakfast).

Day 9: Way back and Budget!

This last day was rainy so we decided to get back home, crossing the nice Lech valley and passing through the Liechtenstein. Time to list our spendings:

We spent a total of 1386€, or 50€/day per person!

  • The most expensive item is definitely the accommodation: In June, prices’ range was always between 80€ and 110€ per night for 2 persons with breakfast.
  • Restaurants were quite ok, with main courses around 14€, soups 7€, large beers for 5€.
  • “Activities” is only the lift we took to go on Top of Innsbruck.
  • “Autres” meaning “Others” represent parkings (47€), drinks, coffees, etc…

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