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Jennifer Mayeur

Hi! My name is Jennifer, and I’m a travel addict…

We often say “never look back, just look ahead”, it’s not good to think about the past and you should think about the future instead of going back to your old memories. I think the contrary: ALWAYS LOOK BACK! Look the pass where you come from to arrive here where you are, be who you are, knowing who and what you know.

Look back and keep going, knowing that everything happen for something, maybe just for you to be at this point today, now, here, reading this.

I hope you will enjoy this blog, it’s a testimony of the trips I’ve made, mostly when I lived in Latin America (1 year in Panama and almost 3 years in Chile). I wish to share some tips but most of all my experience, and it’s a pleasure to go back to those great moments! I’m also starting a new project: travel 6 months alone in Asia.

Enjoy and don’t hesitate to share or to leave your comments!


J’ai choisi d’écrire ce blog en anglais pour le partager le plus largement possible, mais vous avez la possibilité de le traduire – avec Google qui n’est pas parfait mais bon… – en cliquant sur “translate” dans le menu !

1st step


Escribí este blog en inglés para compartirlo lo más posible, pero tienen la posibilidad traducirlo con Google – no perfecto pero bueno… – en el menu!

2nd step

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