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As the end of the year came too quickly for us to be able to book any trip, we decided to improvise and go to Italy (we’re pretty found of their food). I had the chance to live with an italian from Lombardy who shared with us this “best of” itinerary we followed (confirmed: best plan ever, GRACIE MILLE FABRIZIO <3).

Bergamo & Brescia, the cultural ones

Both selected as “Capital of culture 2023”, those two treasures deserve few days to enjoy their ambiance and events! Bergamo high city is very medieval (reminded me Lyon old center). Brescia is more classical italian’s dolce vita city, with a nice archeological site in the center of the city, a castle on the hill, Museo di Santa Giulia and plenty of places to eat, drink, visit…

As it was sadly only a break on our way to Lake Garda, we only had one day to visit both of them…

We will be back!

Campanone di Piazza Vecchia, Bergamo
Campanone di Piazza Vecchia, Bergamo
Duomo Vecchio di Brescia
Duomo Vecchio di Brescia
Place to stay: AirBnB Bergamo Easy Airport
– Places to eat: Bacco Matto nearby the accomodation, Da Mimmo Bergamo Alta in the old town, La Marianna to take a coffee and good pastry.

Lago di Garda villages, the cute ones

Compared to Lago di Como, Lago di Garda is more “popular” in my opinion. No need to cross by boat, we visited by car driving from North to South. Each city center is a treasure.

Malcesine & Monte Baldo

Maybe my favourite one: old citadel and small cute streets full of cats, with a big bonus: Telecable to Monte Baldo where you’ll find the best view on the lake).

Monte Baldo Telecable: 25€ with return (check the website for the timetable)





Sirmione & Grotte di Catullo

In the extra South of Lake Garda you’ll find the nice peninsula of Sirmione with the medieval Scaiger castle, Grotte di Catullo, an archeological site and I heard about Roman Baths and beaches.

Place to eat: Hotel Pace Ristorante
– Grotte entrance price: 8€
– Place to stay: Eurocongressi Hotel at Cavaion Veronese

Verona, the only one!

If the myth of the two Verona lovers is false (still you can visit there Juliet’s home and tomb), the beauty and charm of this city is definitely real!

Full of walking streets, we were there for the new year’s eve and we were not alone with this idea: it was crowded everywhere! We mainly walked between Piazza delle Erbe and piazza Brà where you find the magnificent coliseum. I don’t advise to eat or drink on both places: it’s mostly touristic and basic food.

One good tip could be to check the program of Teatro Filarmonico. You also have a city ticket (20€ one day or 25€ two days) with accesses to all the main sites to visit, including the Museum Di Castelvecchio, Museo di Storia Naturale, Museo archeologico… Don’t forget the piazzale Castel San Pietro, Ponte di Piedra, and if you want to catch the best view on the city, climb to the Santuario della Madonna di Lourdes!

Place to eat: Osteria Scudo di Francia
– What to eat: As Fab said, “try the Risotto all’Amarone, Risotto al tastasal, gnocchi di patate (born there), Pastissada de Caval, Torta Russa, Pandoro”


In the morning we drove to Borghetto, recommended by Fabrizio “only if you have time”. There you have a nice castle to visit, and a very small cute riverside:

Summary of the trip

Here is the beautiful road we followed (for privacy reason I don’t give access to the map, but you get the idea 😉

Day 1 – Travel to Bergamo
Day 2 – Bergamo & Brescia
Day 3 – East of Lago di Garda
Day 4 – Borghetto & Verona
Day 5 – South of Lago di Garda
Day 6 – Way back home (with a lunch break at Arona, Lago Maggiore)

– Food:
We spent an average of 40€ per person per day in restaurant, coffee, bars…
– Hotel: 50€/night per person with breakfast

Best of us

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