How to visit Tigre

Tigre is a very nice city outside of the capital you can reach by train in only 1h. There you have plenty of stuff to do, lot of restaurants, shops, fisherman life and gorgeous houses nearby the river. The boat tour is a must do to fully discover this delta and the famous Rio de la Plata!

Visit Tigre

Coming from Atacama, in Chile, we arrived in Buenos Aires for the New Year’s eve, and visited Tigre the 2nd of January. As a bank holiday, it was really full of local tourists in a family ambiance.

If you need more calm, avoid the week-end, otherwise it’s a very nice place you can visit in only one day and go back to Buenos Aires in the evening, to take a bus or plane to Iguazu or Salta!

El Retiro train station

How to go to Tigre?

EASY PEASY: By train!

From Buenos Aires, there is a very simple and cheap way to explore this beautiful city of Tigre: The train (only 30km, 1h)!

You need to go to El Retiro train station, buy a ticket at the old counter (74 ARS) and get on the first train (leaving every 30min, starting from 5am to 9.30pm)!

From the train station of Tigre, you only need to walk 5min to find the main canal where all the boat tours are (between 70 y 185 ARS depending the tour you pick).

Don’t forget to take a look on the Puerto de frutos, very nice area where you can have lunch by the river.

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