Steps in Switzerland

Train to Jungfraujoch

Living close to the border (in Evian-les-Bains), we passed several week-ends enjoying this beautiful country! We started in Lauterbrunnen and Jungfraujoch in the fall, Morgins lake in winter with snow shoes and Defago Gallery steps during summer. Our last trip: Swiss Jura.

Lauterbrunnen & the Top of Europe

In 185km from home is Interlaken, situated in a very cute swiss region called Oberland, close to Bern. We took a first train to Lauterbrunnen where you can admire the famous waterfall.

Then we took Kleinescheidegg‘s direction to change and take the red train! Unesco World Heritage, Jungfraujoch 3571m altitude is know ad the highest glaciar. You can enjoy fresh air and visit a nice ice gallery. On the way back we stoped at Grindelwald, cute swiss village at the bottom of the mountains.

We had a quick lunch at Base Café: DO NOT GO THERE it was really bad food and take a lot of time (burger for him, salad for me: both disappointing).

Morgins’ lake

Located right after crossing the border (at Chatel), this beautiful lake was totally hidden by the snow.

We walked around 3 hours starting on a ski way, and ending in the middle of nowhere! They were no human trace, everything was quiet and pure…

We get lost on our way back so I can’t really advise you the best way to take… 

Champery & Defago Gateway

Located at one hour and a half from our place, this beautiful gallery hewn in the rock offers a magnificient view on the valley. We left our car in Champery train station (free), walked around 15 minutes to get to the gallery and took the way up until Val d’Illiez to take a train and come back!

Tips: You have an adventure parc (with tree climbing) starting in the beginning of the walk!

Jura for one day

Last trip before leaving the region: Swiss Jura! We left a bit late to be able to enjoy the mist on the Joux Lake so we’ve been directly to Creux-du-Van where the view was hidden into the clouds! So we had a quick “pique-nique” in the Areuse Canyon and went to see the Fall of Brot. We ended our trip coming back to Creux-du-Van for the sunset, to finally watch the amazing view it offers!

I was also testing for the first time PolarStep: the tool I will use to follow our Word Trip!

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