What to do in Chiapas

Cascades Roberto barrios

After 2 months in Colombia, we passed 9 days in Yucatan peninsula, and we have now 5 weeks left to visit Chiapas, Oaxaca, Mexico and Guadalajara regions. Here is the detail of what we did in Chiapas as we are currently travelling in Oaxaca:


Tuxtla and Canyon del Sumidero

We took a an evening flight directly from Cancun (with VivaArline 1500MX), slept in Tuxtla (Los Pinos hotel, 350$MX a double room) and went to Chiapa de Corzo in colectivo to start the tour in the Sumidero canyon. For the same price you have tours starting in Tuxtla at 9.30am to 6pm for 500$MX with the combo 2h30 boat cruise and view points tour (instead we paid 16 the colectivo + 465 the tour from Chiapa de Corzo). It left us directly to the terminal of Tuxtla for San Cristóbal.

San Cristóbal de las Casas

2h from Tuxtla (60$MX by colectivo) this charming fresh city located in a valley (2200m high) is the oldest town of the region. Founded in 1528 it was part of Guatemala until 1824, before the annexion of Chiapas to the Republic of Mexico.

We did a tour for tips (starting from the Wooden Cross place at 10am and 15pm).
Good local restaurant: Pisca de Canela


Villahermosa is not so lovely AT ALL. The only attraction point here is Parque Museo La Venta where you will find artifacts of the Olmec civilisation (700 to 400BC) moved here from La Venta in the state of Tabasco.

You will pay 53$MX the entrance of the archeological parc + a zoo.


From Villahermosa we took and ADO to Palenque in the morning, famous for its ruins and nice waterfalls all around.

After lunch we’ve visited Palenque ruins (colectivo 40$MX with return, entrance 85$MX per person). The museum only opens from Tuesday to Saturday.

Second day we took a colectivo to Roberto Barrios (nearby the market, 100$MX with return, 45min) and visited amazing waterfalls (entrance: 60 $MX).

– Villahermosa – Palenque 100$MX around 2h
– Villahermosa – Oaxaca around 1200 but we had a promo 650$MX nightbus 14h!
Looking back:
You can also come to Palenque directly from San Cristobal but there are still conflicts around Ocosingo so be careful.
– We only visited the main site but you can also take a one (long) day tour for Bonampak and Yaxchilan (around 1300$MX).

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