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COLOMBIA budget tourism

We passed 2 months in Colombia, travelling from the ecuadorian border to the caribeen coast, from April 17th to June 19th.

Note: We are a couple travelling for 1 year and we’ve already spent half of our time and budget and time (20000€ total). The prices mentioned in this post are PER PERSON, except for the taxis and accommodation (usually private double rooms).


We’ve found meals for 15 soles (starter/main course/drink included).

  • Pizza: between 20 and 35K
  • Full breakfast: between 5K and 10K per person


  • Water: Around 3K
  • Beer: Between 6 and 8K
  • Juice: 8K
  • Coffee: between 1000 and 3000



  • Pastos – Popayan 50K, to San Augustin 30K, Bogota to Medellin 87K, Medellin – Guatape 17K… For the rest please read the dedicated post.
  • City bus:
    – In Bogota they have a special bus way through the city (2800 one way and you need to pass with somebody),
    – In Cartagena called TransCaribe will transport you from the airport to the city center, and from the city center to the bus terminal only for 2700pesos (ask again to somebody to use their card).


The best experience we had is to take the Escolera bus from Jerico to Andes (15K)


Do not hesitate to use Uber, or even better Cabify in the main cities as Bogota and Medellin. The drive is about 20K.

Tramway/Funicular: in Medellin you need to buy 6K a card and each way is 3K (one way works for the tram + the funicular).




We paid the entrance of San Augustin archeological parc 25K, el Purital 7K, National museum of Bogota 4K, golden museum 2K, and the most expensive was Tayrona 67,5K. For the rest please read the dedicated post.


  • Phone: With Claro there was an offer for 20 soles 4Gb with Facebook and WhatsApp unlimited for 30 days (we used a chip a traveler gave us in Bolivia)
  • Laundry: around 5s per kg
  • Cigarets: 5soles a pack, 27soles 10packs (they call it “brazo”)
  • Guarda Maleta: 3800 for 24h
Colombia flag

2 months in Colombia

Arriving from Peru, we crossed the Ecuatorian border and arrived in Pasto. I’m sharing here our itinerary from South to North!


How to visit Tayrona

We founded hard to find information about Tayrona and how to visit the parc, where to start, what to visit, where to stay…

ayahuasca ceremony

Ayahuasca Ceremony in Colombia

Ayahuasca has became a huge touristic stuff in Latin America. I was surprised to see offers in the streets of Cusco, among the other tours in the Sacred Valley… It was hard to find the authentic experience I was looking for, but in Colombia I found the perfect place and occasion. Here is what happened, my recommendations and advices to have a great Ayahuasca experience:

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To follow those spendings we used TravelSpend App.
Looking back…
Colombian budget was the cheapest in South America, thanks to the 18 days we spent without paying the accomodation (in Rincón we stayed 15 days for free in an hostel in exchange of a website, and we’ve been invited in Villa de Leyva by a very nice couple – THANKS again Valerie and Romi) we spent a total of 25€ per person per day.

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