Budget for a World Trip

We travelled for 14 months and gathered all the prices thanks to TravelSpend application: Here is the detail of how much did we pay the planes, accommodations, activities, transportations, food… You will know all about what you should expect to spend on a World Trip!




Total spent per person



Per day per person



Per month/pers



What’s our budget for a 1 year trip

We started with a 10K€ budget for 1 year, each (total: 20000€). We reached it only after 9 months travelling… The original plan was to spend 6 months in Latin America and 6 months in Asia, but because of the CoVid’s restrictions – and maybe our rhythm – we finally spent 9 months in Latin America and 5 in Asia. We spent a total of 16500€ each for 14 months trip.

Our World trip started right after the CoVid crisis, from November 2021 to December 2022. We left with no clear plan, just the starting point: Santiago de Chile. As the rules about CoVid and borders were changing a lot, we never planed more than 1 month in advance out itinerary, it was most of the time a day to day adventure.

As you can see on the graphic, our budget is balanced between the accommodations and restaurants (32,3%), the buses, trains and planes (30,4%) and the activities, supplies or other fees (37,3%).

We also spent a lot in planes because we preferred the freedom of not having any deadline, and we booked last minute.

Note: we did not include in the metrics the flight Paris – Santiago, the first plane we booked 6 months before leaving, 650€ each (with the return we didn’t use).

  • Red = Accomodations
  • Blue = Filghts
  • Orange = Transportation
  • Green = Restaurants
  • Pink = Activities & visits
  • Light green = Rent of vehicles & gazolin
  • Light blue = Supplies
  • Grey = Others

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    The most expensive budget per day per person was in Brazil (maybe because we were right in the middle of the holidays period, or we didn’t look after our money as we were only starting the trip).
    Argentina is expensive but thanks to the Blue Rate you can get with Western Union transfers, you get the double of what you withdraw (so it cut by the half the prices).
    We can note a big difference between the North of Thailand (22€ spent per day per person) and the South, more touristic and more expensive (33€ per day per person).
    Cambodia is a much cheaper country than Japan, but as we spent only 4 days to visit Angkor, we spent a lot…
    We spent an average of 595€ to cross from a continent to the other, 491€ in LatAm and 686€ in Asia

Budget per day per person & per country:

Click on the flag to see the details of the budget per country


(60 days)


(16 days)


(13 days)


(35 days)


(44 days)


(63 days)


(52 days)


(14 days)


(19 days)


(42 days)


(4 days)

South Korea

(11 days)


(12 days)


(30 days)

Travel Insurance

We chose Chapka and its pack adventure for 47€ per month per person. It was mandatory in some countries at that time (with CoVid coverage) but I advice to take it anyway.

Average to live when you travel

We spent an average of 35€ per day per person (except planes). For the accomodation we paid an average of 18€ for a double room (9€ per person per night).

Credit card & bank charges:

We left with 4 debit cards: 2 of the same account + our personal cards. We used mainly Revolut bank as we thought it had less fee but still we spent 263€ in ATM fees. Worst country was definitely Thailand, as the Bath is considered as a rare currency (each withdraw = 19€ fees!). We found ATMs almost everywhere, only in Philippines we had trouble to find a bank working with our cards.

General tips

Leave with more than 1 bank card and keep one with you and the other one at the hotel: we lost one in an ATM, and a second one has been locked with no reason, and as you never know what could happen to your wallet let’s keep them separated from each other!
Always withdraw the maximum that you can: we always found quite good exchange rates in the borders, and it’s sometime more expensive to withdraw more than 4 times a month. Only place where we didn’t find good exchange rate was between Laos and Thailand.
Take at least one CREDIT card: it will be requested when you rent a car or a van.
Take one Mastercard and one Visa: sometimes one is working, the other isn’t


Orange bridge

Van trip in Patagonia

We rented a van in Pucón for 16 days to discover the amazing Chilean Patagonia and its famous Carretera Austral. I’m sharing here all the good tips and what you need to know to do the same or better than us!

Magic Bus

Visit Atacama during CoVid

We are staying in this beautiful region waiting for the borders to open. As the main sites are currently closed, we found great alternatives and discovered new amazing places! I’ve already visited and described the main sites in a previous post, but I wanted to share here the info up to date.

Foz do Iguaçu

From Iguazu to Rio

After visiting Iguazu falls from the argentian side, we decided to cross the border and enjoy a Brazil East coast! From Foz de Iguazu we went to Florianopolis, Paraty, Ilha Grande and finally Rio for a total 13 days. I share with you the detail of the trip and transportation!

serrania de hornocal

Road trip around Salta

After a quick trip in Brasil we arrived in Salta from where we started a 4 days road trip.

La Paz

One month in Bolivia

We started in Tupiza, did a 3 days tour of Uyuni, enjoyed Potosi and Sucre, a tour in Torotoro, La Paz, passed almost 2 weeks in Rurrenabaque, lived the Carnaval of Oruro, visited the ruins of Tiwanaku and finished our trip on Titicaca lake before crossing the border in Kasani.


Itinerary in Peru

We just passed more than one month in Peru, coming from Bolivia. Let me share with you the itinerary we followed, our feedback and tips.

Colombia flag

2 months in Colombia

Arriving from Peru, we crossed the Ecuatorian border and arrived in Pasto. I’m sharing here our itinerary from South to North!

Monte Alban

1 month in Mexico

After 2 months in Colombia, we passed 9 days in Yucatan peninsula, and then 5 weeks to visit Chiapas, Oaxaca, Puebla, Mexico, the Pueblos Magicos of Querétaro, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato and finally Guadalajara (total 42 days).

Vietnam 15 days

Northern Vietnam in 15 days

r free 15 days visa we decided to focus on the Northern part of Vietnam (I already visited the South in 2017). We arrived to Hanoï, went for a cruise on Ha Long bay, then to Sa Pa and its amazing ricefields, did a 3 days loop around Ha Giang, and finished our trip in Ninh Binh, the terrestrial Ha Long bay!

Visit Laos after CoVid

After 2 weeks in Vietnam, we found Laos little bit more quiet than what I remember from my previous trip, and the prices seem to have raised (we also upgraded the level of confort, while before I was mainly sleeping in dorms).
We arrived in Savannaket, did the Thakhek loop, Vientiane, Vang Vieng and Luang Prabang before going to Thailand from Louang Namtha to Houayxay.

South Korea after CoVid

We only had 12 days to visit the country as it wasn’t really in our plan nor our budget! I share with you all the details, budget and itinerary from Seoul to Jeonju, Busan and Gyeongju.

Mount fuji

2 weeks itinerary in Japan

While we were in South Korea, Japan finally re opened its gates after 3 years of Covid interdictions. It was a great occasion for us to visit this country. Our budget kept us from staying too long, so we only had 13 days to visit Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo and the Mount Fuji.



During our Travel around the World we passed a total of 45 days in Thailand. First from the North to Cambodia in September: Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai and the amazing ruins of Sukhotai, Kamphaeng Phet, Ayutthaya, Buriram and finally Khao Yai national park. Second time in the South in December where we enjoyed the beach in Koh Chang, Koh Phayam, Koh Tao and Koh Phangan before going back to Bangkok.

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