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We’ve spent a first week in Argentina from December 29th to January 6th, and went back to Salta from January 19th to January 27th where we rented a car (again I’ve split this spending in accommodation + transportation).

Note: We are a couple travelling for 1 year and we’ve already spent half of our time and budget and time (20000€ total for the year). The prices mentioned in this post are PER PERSON, except for the taxis and accommodation (usually private double rooms).

Prices are indicated in Euro as we were using the Blue rate (see the yellow post).


Restaurants are kind of fency. We had a great breakfast in Mendoza for 6€ and a great bbq meal for 16€72 with meat and a bottle of wine to share.

  • Burger: 7€ in a restaurant
  • Full breakfast: 3€
  • Coctails: Ron coca 2€65


  • Water: 0,70€
  • Beer: 2€20 a 500cl bottle
  • Juice: 1€60
  • Alcool: in a shop we paid only 10€ for 4 beers and 2 wine bottles!
  • Cocktails: Ron coca 2€65


  • Bus Mendoza – Buenos Aires 51000clp (Julien’s drone has been stolen in his bag locked in the suit). Buenos Aires-Iguazu (See the detail of the trip)8500ars. Night bus Salta – la Quiaca 10€.
  • Train Buenos Aires-Tigre 0,30€ with return!


Blue rate9,70€18,5013,11€


Tigre 3€90, Cataratas 12€30, Quilmes 1€80, Serranias 0,20€


  • Phone: 4€84 tourist pack
  • Laundry: 2€20
Salineras Grandes

[VIDEO] Salar Sunrise

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serrania de hornocal

Road trip around Salta

After a quick trip in Brasil we arrived in Salta from where we started a 4 days road trip.

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To follow those spendings we used TravelSpend App.
Looking back…
The BEST TIP we ever had (thanks Morgan!) was to use Western Union to get the Blue rate which basically double our purchasing power.
Total spent: 34€ per day per person.

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