Quebec & NYC


In 2008, after visiting Stockholm, Edinburgh, Amsterdam, Bremen with friend, and Oslo all alone, I decided to cross the Atlantic ocean and discover the french part of Canada: Québec! Once I was there, after visiting Montreal, Québec city and Ottawa, I took a long night bus to New York with my friend Sam.


Sadly I didn’t took a lot of pictures of my trip, but I will always remember the hostel where I was staying, nearby the old port. Saint-Denis street, the financial quarter, Notre Dame basilic, the Mount Royal, the Olympic stadium, the Biodome, and the famous bar “Les Foufounes électriques”.

Québec city

Second city of my trip, Québec city looks like a big village in France. The Petit Champlain area, the cathedral, the castle of Frontenac… all the Citadelle was very charming!


The capital of Canada seemed much colder to me than Montreal and Quebec. Administrative buildings, huge Saint-Laurent river, closer than an US city.

New York

New York was a dream. We only past 4 days there, running all day long and staying in a dirty old hotel nearby Central Park. I was amazed by the gigantism of this big Apple but felt like I already knew the place (thanks to the cinema). I remember being surprised by the Brooklyn bridge, Staten island and Statue of Liberty (smaller than I thought), the MoMa (best museum of modern art ever visited), Chinatown, the Grand Central Terminal, the Empire State Building, Times Square

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