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Asian trip

Discover here my new challenge, my original plan, the map of the trip, estimated calendar and budget, and how to follow me

The project:

After travelling all along Latin America, I wanted to realize an old dream: travel alone during 6 months between two jobs! It’s time now, and I chose South East Asia because it’s a part I’ve never been, different countries with their own culture, and a simplicity I’m looking for. Live with less, take my time, and visit the temples (the modern ones in the cities or the ruins lost in the jungle as I did in Yucatan)! I can’t wait to start this break in my life…

Here is my original plan:

(I had to change a bit this map because of the interdiction to cross the border between Bangladesh and Myanmar. I finally took a flight from Dacca to Yangon…)

Asian trip

Estimated Calendar:
2 nov => 25 nov: India
26 nov => 5 dec: Bangladesh
6 dec => 20 dec: Myanmar
21 dec => 26 dec: Thailandia
27 dec => 14 jan: Laos
15 jan => 28 jan: Vietnam
29 jan => 14 feb: Cambodgia
15 feb => 14 march: Thailandia
15 march => 25 march: Malasia
26 march => 3 april: Singapour
4 april => 2 may: Indonesia

My Travel Map:

(still work in progress…)

Estimated budget:

Prices in Euros, and I added then 122€ of Insurance for the last 3 months with CCM in France (the first months are covered by my Visa Card insurance).


Visa Bangladesh

India: I asked an e-visa and received it by mail in 3 days
Bangladesh: I went to the Paris Embassy after printing a form on line, and had it in 7 days
I will ask for the others directly to the borders!

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The Posts

– First week in India
– South India in 15 days
– Visit Bangladesh in 12 days
– Visit Myanmar in 2 weeks
– Laos from North to South
– South of Vietnam in two weeks
– Two weeks in Cambodia
– Online soon: Thailand North and South, One day in Kuala Lumpur, Indonesia

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