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Peru budget tourism

We traveled to Peru during 6 weeks, from March 3rd to April 15th. We’ve spent most of our budget visiting the historic places and enjoying tours in Huaraz.

Note: We are a couple travelling for 1 year and we’ve already spent half of our time and budget and time (20000€ total). The prices mentioned in this post are PER PERSON, except for the taxis and accommodation (usually private double rooms).


We’ve found meals for 15 soles (starter/main course/drink included).

  • Bread: between 1 and 2 soles for 6 pieces
  • Empanadas:0,5 sol
  • Market: 16soles for 100g almonds+100g peanuts+100g nuts+50g cranberries, 1 banana 0,5sol
  • Full breakfast: around 15soles per person


  • Water: Around 3soles 2,5l
  • Beer: 10soles 65cl
  • Juice: 6soles
  • Cocktails: Around 15s for a Pisco Sour or Chilcano, the cheapest found was a jar at 25s!



  • 30 soles Puno-Cusco, 80 to Arequipa, 50 to Nasca, 10 to Pisco, 25 to Lima, 25 to Barranca, 56s to Huaraz, 62 nightbus to Trujillo, 105 to Mancora and 31 Tumbes to Machala (Ecuador).
  • City bus to Chan Chan 2 and Trujillo 2,5s.


  • Huge red of mini vans which leaves you everywhere! We used them a lot around Cusco to visit the sacred valley (see the detail of each trip in the dedicated post).
  • Carreful in Huaraz: to go to Churup laguna we paid 10s per way per person (they can offer you more telling you they will wait for you, but they always do)
  • We paid 20 Mancora-Tumbes to go to the border and keep going to Ecuador.


From the border with Bolivia to Kasani 6s, from Huacachina to Ica 10s, from Paracas to Pisco terminal 16s
In Lima Uber works very well and is much cheaper than a cab

Train: We used Perurail to go to the Machu Picchu: see the dedicated post.




Check the detail on dedicated posts:


  • Phone: With Claro there was an offer for 20 soles 4Gb with Facebook and WhatsApp unlimited for 30 days (we used a chip a traveler gave us in Bolivia)
  • Laundry: around 5s per kg
  • Cigarets: 5soles a pack, 27soles 10packs (they call it “brazo”)
  • Peruvian hat: 10 soles

Itinerary in Peru

We just passed more than one month in Peru, coming from Bolivia. Let me share with you the itinerary we followed, our feedback and tips.

Laguna Paron

Hikes around Huaraz

Huaraz is known for the beautiful trekkings you can do. In only one day you can visit with tours the beautiful Laguna Parón, Laguna 69 and Chavín de Huántar, but also Laguna Churup all alone. Here are the details of each hike we did.


What to visit in Lima? Pyramids!

Looking what to do in Lima, we often find the Miraflores district, plaza de Armas, cathedrals or parque del Amor… Beyond the classics, like the beautiful Museo Larco, I invite you to discover the Monumental Mateo Salado, el Parque de las leyendas, Huaca Huallamarca, Huaca Pucllana, and Pachacamac.

sacred valley pisaq

Cusco & the Sacred Valley by yourself

As we had time we decided to visit by ourselves the main sites around Cusco, and more! With this solution you can see more parts of the sites, take your time and walk cross the lands and cities in total freedom!

difference huchuy picchu and Wayna picchu

How to visit Machu Picchu

As we are just back from the Machu Picchu, I’m sharing with you all the tips, information how to get to Aguas Calientes, how to buy the entrance, what are the prices, the difference between Llaqta Picchu, Wayna, Huchuy and la Montaña… and where to get your Machu Picchu passeport stamp!

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To follow those spendings we used TravelSpend App.
Looking back…
Peru budget was close to Bolivian’s one, we spent a total of 24€50 per person per day.

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