Budget to travel to Bolivia

BOLIVIA budget tourism

We were there from January 27th to March 3rd. We went to Oruro carnaval where the accomodation price is tripled during this event (2 nights). Check the details of our itinerary.

Note: We are a couple travelling for 1 year and we’ve already spent half of our time and budget and time (20000€ total fir the year). The prices mentioned in this post are PER PERSON, except for the taxis and accommodation (usually private double rooms).


You can find lunch 12bs with soup and main course. For a fresh trout we paid 35bs.

  • Water: 6bs for 2l
  • Empanadas: 5bs
  • Market: 12bs a meal, 5bs a burger in the street
  • Humitas: 10bs for 2


  • Water: 6bs for 2l
  • Beer: 10bs 75cl
  • Juice: 7bs
  • Cocktails: Pisco sour 34bs


Transports are really cheap:

  • Tuk-tuk: We paid between 5 and 10bs
  • Colectivo: Villazon-Tupiza 10bs, Potosi-Sucre 40bs, 35bs from Cochabamba to Torotoro, La Paz-Tihuanacu 20bs.
  • The bus: Tupiza-Uyuni 50bs, Uyuni-Potosi 30bs, Sucre Cochabamba night bus 40bs, Cochabamba-La Paz 40bs, La Paz-Rurrenabaque 70bs.
    Note: You need to pay a “uso de terminal” around 2,5bs every time.
  • Cablecar in La Paz: between 3bs and 8bs one way.




Again, we’ve spent most of our budget in activities, mostly in Uyuni and Rurrenabaque.
> See the details of all the activities’ cost in the Post “One month in Bolivia”.


  • Phone: We paid a chip with 6Gb 10bs, and added recharges 2 times 10bs each.
  • Bathroom: usually 1bs, 2 in touristic places like Uyuni.
  • Laundry: between 4 and 6bs per kg.
  • Cigarets: 10/12bs a pack.
La Paz

One month in Bolivia

We started in Tupiza, did a 3 days tour of Uyuni, enjoyed Potosi and Sucre, a tour in Torotoro, La Paz, passed almost 2 weeks in Rurrenabaque, lived the Carnaval of Oruro, visited the ruins of Tiwanaku and finished our trip on Titicaca lake before crossing the border in Kasani.

Pampa del Yacuma

Rurrenabaque, pampa & jungle

What to do in Rurrenabaque, what is the difference between pampa and selva, how much is a tour, what you should expect, where to eat, how to get to Rurrenabaque from La Paz…

Uyuni Salar

Uyuni salar

I couldn’t leave Chile before visiting this region in the border north of the country. So we booked a 3 days 4 nights tour with my chilean best friend and discovered real nature treasuries, like the region of the lakes, the geysers and warm water baths, inca’s hieroglyphs, canyons and volcanic formations, and cities lost in the desert… We Slept in a salt hotel before arriving to the main attraction: el Salar de Uyuni!

From Titicaca to Cusco

From Titicaca to Cuzco

In 15 days I’ve made a trip from La Paz to Cuzco, passing through Copacabana, Isla del Sol, Valle Sagrado (sacred valley), Machu Pichu and her sister: Choquequirao! I’ve met great people on my journey, I will never forget this travel which really changed my life…

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To follow those spendings we used TravelSpend App.
Looking back…
We spent a total of 33€ per person. We haven’t negociated the rooms (I guess we should have).

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