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The aim of this Travel Blog is to share useful information through my personal experience, to help and inspire people into their own adventures. LookBackPacker.com is now gaining trust on search engines and its general internet presence is increasing, with an average of 1743 visits and 1136 visitors per month in 2022!

As of today…

Born in 2017, Look Back Packer’s blog was built around my Asian project: travel 6 months alone in South East Asia.

Since then, I’ve been feeding this blog with my past experience, including the 4 years I lived in South America. In 2019 I organized a photo exhibition in Lyon, and in 2021 I auto published a book about the Asian trip.

But the blog has really reached its audience in 2022, when we decided with my boyfriend to do a 1 year World Trip!

Look Back Packer is now a recognized blog with partnerships (Igraal, Bookaway, Ivisa, 12GoAsia) and these nice key figures I’m happy to share with you!

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…by 21338


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110 789 views

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Best month: January 2023 with 2733 pages viewed by 1948 visitors

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difference huchuy picchu and Wayna picchu


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ayahuasca ceremony

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